i hope you guys haven’t given up on this blog (bc i know i haven’t).

stayed tuned for gif updates in a couple of days.


fangirl challenge [12/?] characters  Tamaki Suoh

"Tamaki, you idiot" -- Part 1
Anonymous: are you planning on updating again soon? :)

soon i will be! school is getting a bit hectic and work is pilling up (procrastination holla) and i wanna focus on those first. don’t worry tho, i’ll be back giffing and such :)

(i still haven’t forgotten those requests that were given to me, i’m sorry if i haven’t done them! 私を許して!)

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an ouran highschool host club dubstep remix called kiss kiss drop the vase

Top 6 funny moments in Ouran » The Selfish Man

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english dub bloopers [x]

2 gifs of Nekozawa (requested by houseofneri)

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robiningravens: Can I request two different gifsets? One of TamaKyo moments, and another of HikaHaru moments? Provided you're not swamped by requests already. ^^;

I will as soon as I can :)